Let’s Talk Fish

Fishing Trawlers, Port Lincoln South Australia

Fishing Trawlers, Port Lincoln South Australia

A project designed to help Australia’s wild-catch commercial fishing industry raise its “social acceptability” has found that while people support  Australia having a wild catch fishing industry, they believe that the industry can have a negative impact on marine habitat, animals and birdlife, recreational fishing and the availability of fish species for seafood in the future.
The two-year project, Let’s Talk Fish: Assisting industry to understand and inform conversation about the sustainability of wild catch fishing, is now in its final stages with the draft final report sent to the funding body, the Fisheries Research & Development Corporation.  Researchers involved in the $195,000 project are Professor Allan Curtis, Institute adjunct Dr Nicki Mazur and Andy Bodsworth from Cobalt Marine Resource Management. Read more of this post

Regent Parrots and Almonds

The results of a major research project undertaken by a team of ILWS ecologists in co-operation with Select Harvests, Australia’s largest producer of almonds, and Government agencies in NSW and Victoria, have shown that almond plantations in north-west Victoria are helping to support threatened species such as the Regent Parrot. In return, native birds are also providing financial benefits to almond growers.

Regent parrot in almond orchard

Regent parrot in almond orchard

“Our research has shown that farming landscapes provide important habitat values for many species” says project leader Dr Peter Spooner. “In return, some native species provide important services to farmers, such as natural disease and pest control.”

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