Developing an Australian Vision for Water?

ARDC-Max FinlaysonProfessor Max Finlayson was a keynote speaker at the Australian Regional Development Conference held at the Albury Commercial Club on 26 – 28 August 2015.  Here is a short summary of his presentation.

Developing a vision for water entails the establishment of a common view about the future of our landscape, communities and economic activities, and the role that water plays in our lives. Water is critical for human wellbeing and forms important ecosystems that support a diverse array of life. I am confident that most of us believe in having a healthy riverine environment, but do we mean the same thing when we say this? I am pretty sure that we do not – once we get to the details and these entail change or threaten our very livelihood and worldview I am sure we will see very large differences of opinion.

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Management of the Coal Seam Gas Industry in NSW – the Science and the Law


Professor John Williams

Opinion Piece by Adjunct Professor John Williams, Chair, ILWS Board

The science and the law surrounding the development of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry are issues of high public interest in NSW. To foster better understanding of the science and the law a Steering Committee composed of rural landholders, organizational and community representatives and a planning consultant engaged independent experts to contribute to an Independent Coal Seam Gas Science Forum held in Sydney at NSW Parliament House on 25th March, 2014. Read more of this post

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