What makes a very busy researcher decide to add more to their already full plate and write a book?


From Left: Bruce Pennay, Rosemary Black, Bill Anscombe, Manohar Pawar, Max Finlayson

At the recent ILWS book launch held at the Albury-Wodonga campus on October 29th,  we celebrated the publication of 7 books by our researchers in the last year.  We hosted a panel discussion with five of the authors and posed this question to them: “What makes a very busy researcher decide to add more to their already full plate and write a book?”

Each researcher had different motivations and different challenges but perhaps you will find inspiration in their stories to write the book you have inside you.

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Healthy Rivers – healthy economies

Report back from the 18th International RiverSymposium: Healthy Rivers – healthy economies

Jess Schoeman, ILWS PhD Candidate

Jess Schoeman, ILWS PhD Candidate

Author : Jess Schoeman

Charles Vorosmarty succinctly expressed the essence of river management during his keynote address: “connectivity is the name of the game”. This year, the RiverSymposium sought to explore the connection between healthy rivers and healthy economies as an overarching theme.

The central role of rivers in the rise of human civilisations is deeply etched in our history books, yet we’ve generally followed a pattern of ‘wreck and repair’ in river management. Economic development has occurred at the expense of the environment, and restoring degraded rivers has been costly and difficult.

Many speakers at the Conference highlighted how ecosystem functions and services provided by rivers are often taken for granted and unvalued or undervalued in our economic systems. Only when environmental degradation reaches a crisis point, are we forced to invest in river restoration. Read more of this post

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